Guided tours and walks in galician countryside

Amodo Turismo’s guided tours are easy walks in the countryside of the county of Baixo Miño (Galicia-Spain). Through our activities you will discover a singular heritage, landscape and natural places of Oia, O Rosal, A Guarda, Tomiño and Tui.

Baixo Miño, place of contrasts

Amodo Turismo’s guided tours are walks (of various lengths and durations) in which we will discover an important rural heritage while enjoying a landscape full of contrasts between the sea and the mountains.

-We will enjoy the best viewpoints in Baixo Miño.

-We will visit mountains, riverbanks, natural pools

-We will discover rock art panels and hillforts from the Iron Age, water mills, cruceiros (traditional stone crosses placed on the roads), fountains, little stone bridges…

-We will get to feel the essence of each place through its legends, customs and traditions that still live among the locals.


Customized services

In Amodo Turismo you will find scheduled activities but you also have the possibility to request a personalized route according to your preferences. Especially aimed at groups of friends, families, groups and institutions.

Small groups

My idea is to create a relaxed atmosphere where everyone feels fine. Guided tours about heritage and landscape are not like a masterclass where only one person speaks: debate and participation are always welcome!

Custom rates

Contact me to ask for rates and budget of your customized activity.

For tourists and locals

Amodo's tours are not intended only for foreign people who visit O Baixo Miño region. They are also an opportunity for local people to rediscover their land and own heritage.

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 O Rosal


A Guarda