My name is Patricia, and I am an official tourism guide based in Oia (Galicia-Spain). Thank you for spending some of your time reading about my guided tours.

Here you will know who is behind this project and you will be able to decide whether to include Amodo Turismo’s proposals in your travel plans in the Baixo Miño county. This corner full of history, magic and charm in the South of Galicia will surprise you!

What is Amodo Turismo?

Amodo is a galician word that means “slow”.

Amodo Turismo para descubrir (Amodo tourism to discover) is my professional project about guided tours and guided walks in the Galician countryside. Each tour will show you the most beautiful surroundings of Baixo Miño, the place where I had the opportunity to “lose myself” to end up “finding my place” in the world.

We will travel through a territory where history and nature merge to create a unique landscape framed by the waters of the Miño River and the Atlantic Ocean. Roads, forests, natural pools, waterfalls, viewpoints, villages, fields, mills and hillforts will come our way to give us amazing ancient stories.

Amodo Turismo’s guided tours are much more than revealing the essence of this territory, my home. As a local guide, each tour gives me the opportunity to enjoy your company, exchange experiences and reflect on ways to achieve a sustainable future.

Who is Patricia and how did Amodo Turismo start?

Patricia Muñoz Raña
Patricia Muñoz Raña

Official guide of Galicia

I am from Galicia. I was born in the city of Vigo, but I’ve been living in the countryside of Oia for years.

I have studied Journalism and a Tourism Management Master. I also studied about heritage interpretation and I have the official licenze of Tourism Guide of Galicia (number GT-748-XG) and guide of the Parque Nacional Illas Atlánticas de Galicia (Cíes, Ons, Cortegada and Sálvora).

Journalist and communicator

After working as a journalist in Vigo for several years, life asked me for a change and I decided to heed it. I changed the city for the village and, from Oia, I started working on projects related to heritage, tourist communication and cultural tourism.

In love with the countryside

It was then that I thoroughly discovered all the wealth that exists in the countryside. As I researched her, I realized how much she enjoyed sharing and communicating these things through educational and outreach activities, workshops for various ages and guided tours for all audiences.

Always "amodiño"

Little by little I decided to launch my own project, a brand under which to work as I like: wandering, focusing on the details and looking for personalized experiences in small groups.